Stratice provides an electronic portal between healthcare providers and their medical suppliers that creates speed, accuracy, and efficiency for both parties. Unlike manual methods for entering and receiving orders, eOrdersPlus eliminates wasteful paperwork, faxing and phone calls for both organizations.

Benefits To Healthcare Providers

  • Saves Valuable Time and Reduces Errors
  • Eliminates Wasteful Paperwork
  • Costs You Nothing to Enroll and Utilize
  • Provides Direct Portal to Your Vendors
  • Helps Vendors Fill Your Orders Faster
  • Improves Audit/Compliance Results
  • Improves Patient Experience/Satisfaction
  • Complete Integration with Your Existing EMRs/EHRs with No Disruption in Workflow or Processes
  • Reduces Number of Re-Admissions while Protecting Your HITA Insurance Rating

Benefits To Healthcare Suppliers

  • Receive Accurate Orders Ready to Fill and Bill
  • Saves 31-36% of Admin Time on Each Order
  • Eliminates Phone Calls & Faxes
  • Frees Up Time for Your Sales Professionals
  • Reduces Fraudulent Claims
  • Frees Up (or Reduces) Admin Resources
  • Marries Your Customers to You

Healthcare Professionals:

For Practice Managers/Administrators who want an electronic prescribing solution for 100% of their patients with HME/DME needs, Stratice is a healthcare technology company that provides eOrdersPlus, which is a proven technology that saves times, eliminates errors and provides a bridge that makes ordering of products and services easy, fast and costs you no monies.

How can we do this?

  • Open national network of your preferred suppliers
  • They pay us for the efficiencies we create on their end of your complete, accurate orders of products and services that they need to fill
  • Our proprietary system has been tested, refined, and running flawlessly since 2010*

Benefits to you?

  • Time Savings
  • Accuracy
  • Increase in Patient Care/Satisfaction
  • Reduces Fraud/Abuse Concerns

Your biggest fear? Learning new software! By watching our users and implementing their suggestions, we’ve made eOrdersPlus so simple and intuitive that you can sign up and begin using our system—with no training required—in less than an hour. Gone are the days of tracking down equipment using phones and faxes; we provide a direct, electronic portal that saves valuable time and provides your suppliers with clean, accurate orders that are ready to fill.

Imagine being able to complete a compliant, accurate order in mere minutes. To get started right now, click here and enroll. Within 20 minutes, you’ll be enjoying efficiencies on every single medical supply order moving forward. What you choose to do with your newly-found spare time is entirely up to you.

Lastly, every one of your existing vendors can add themselves into our system in less than 15 minutes for FREE! We will also provide to you a “Dear Supplier” email to make it easy for them to sign up as well. The email is professionally written and contains all their benefits and a registration link; you just copy, paste, and send.

Medical Suppliers:

For HME/DME suppliers who desire to receive orders electronically that are accurate and ready to fill (and bill), you have just found a technology that will save you 31-36% of administrative expenses directly related to filling orders. eOrdersPlus is an electronic “portal” that connects each of your customers directly to you (and doesn’t cost them a dime). They will appreciate your referral, as we will help them save while providing them other efficiencies in other key areas of their practices.

We understand that changes in Medicare reimbursement policies have cut deeply into your profitability, so we feel proud to offer you a proven methodology that will help you recapture lost dollars by reducing errors and administrative personnel and/or wasted time. You will be able to enroll on our easy-to-use system at zero onboarding costs, and will only pay a small fraction on each order that is sent into you by your newly-efficient customers.

We have eliminated wasteful faxes, phone calls and sales reps’ visits to offices to complete orders. This frees up more of your salespeople’s valuable time to focus on bringing in new accounts.